Did BLACKPINK Rose Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Park Chaeyoung (Rose) is a member of BLACKPINK who has been rumored to have undergone plastic surgery prior to her debut. Read this article to find out more.

Did BLACKPINK Rose Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Park Chaeyoung, better known as Rose, is a member of BLACKPINK. The 19-year-old singer is a Korean born in Australia. Prior to her Blackpink debut, Rose was known to have a slightly fat chubby shape, but lately, Rose's face shape and body look a little skinny. Netizens revealed that Rose has performed plastic surgery and liposuction to get the perfect shape of her face and body.

However, until now, he has never been shown to have done plastic surgery. This is because Rose has not been observed by the media and Internet users because the group is still new. Many fans pointed out that the Blackpink singer had undergone plastic surgery before her debut. They stated that a major change can be seen in the structure of his face. His cheeks were plumper and there was a lot of fat on his upper eyelids.

The structure of Rose's nose was different and her nostrils pointed upwards as can be seen in her pre-debut photos. It's true that every artist looks different in their adolescent life. But, to look beautiful on the screen, they are fixed with makeup and surgeries. Do you think she achieved this glamour only through makeup or were there surgeries and more? An anonymous expert said that BLACKPINK Lisa underwent plastic surgery. He claimed that the Lovesick Girls singer most likely underwent rhinoplasty because her nose, supposedly, used to be flat, wide and round.

The surgeon said that Lisa's nose now has a thin, upturned and cute nose. A plastic surgery specialist recently shared her thoughts on BLACKPINK members and whether they've had work done. Many netizens are curious to know if Jennie has had plastic surgery or not before debuting with BLACKPINK. However, recently, the lead vocalist of BLACKPINK was “denounced on TikTok by a famous plastic and reconstructive surgeon in the United States, stating that the female idol underwent plastic surgery on 2 parts of her face. Add to that a statement from a surgeon who claimed that the BLACKPINK member has had work done on her face to improve her appearance. So far, BLACKPINK Lisa and YG Entertainment have yet to comment on these incessant plastic surgery rumors.

However, the avid supporters of BLACKPINK Lisa maintained that she never did plastic surgery as other people claimed. Rose told the audience that one of the things BLACKPINK can't do when under YG Entertainment is plastic surgery. YG Entertainment has exact standards that they expect their artists to live by, including not undergoing plastic surgery. Lisa was beset with several rumors of plastic surgery because of how, supposedly, she looked so different before. BLinks also said that people should never make a problem if they ever BLACKPINK Lisa, in fact, underwent plastic surgery to improve her appearance.

Lee, who has created and uploaded many short videos evaluating the appearances of celebrities, pointed out who underwent plastic surgery based only on their photos. In addition, no concrete evidence could prove that the Whistle singer actually underwent cosmetic improvements to achieve a better appearance. Therefore, all these plastic surgery speculations surrounding BLACKPINK member Lisa should be taken with a big grain of salt until everything is proven to be true and correct. Some netizens have speculated that BLACKPINK members have performed plastic surgery, but many netizens have also denied having plastic surgery.

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